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About Us

Mission Statement:  All children can learn.

It is our responsibility to provide individualized family-centered services to create an optimal environment for individuals and families impacted by Autism.  It is important to look at the functioning of the child and the entire family system. Then after determining the best course of action for the entire family unit, it is implemented by the consultant and the parents. 


Our Values:

  • Each family is unique and should be afforded the right to an in-depth, objective assessment and thorough evaluation prior to the development of a treatment plan.

  • Each child has the right to effective and evidence-based treatments that take into consideration all relevant bio-psycho-social factors.

  • Treatment plans should be individualized and developed in order to teach meaningful and socially significant behaviors that will generalize into natural environments and family routines.

  • Progress must be demonstrated in a clinically significant manner, and if progress is not achieved, the treatment plan itself must be re-evaluated and re-designed.

  • Children and families have the right to receive services from a staff who is dedicated, compassionate, and are rigorously trained and supervised. 

What makes our philosophy unique:

We are behavior analysts with specialized training in child development.  We specialize in providing services to the pediatric population, including children participating in the Illinois early intervention program.  We understand the necessary building blocks to create a solid foundation for learning and engagement.  We focus on a combination of focused teaching and natural environment training through play.   Additionally we emphasize a family system approach, empowering parents to assist their children in attaining their maximum potential.

Our Staff:

Our supervisors are Board Certified Behavior Analysts with additional training in early intervention and child development.  Several of our supervisors are also dually credentialed as developmental therapists through the Illinois Early Intervention program.  This dual training allows us to create programs that are necessary to create the foundations for quality of life and generalization.

Each of our direct therapists have acquired a bachelor's degree or higher and have completed intensive training prior to entering the field.  All therapists are required to have a background check, CPR/First Aid training, and Safety Care training (i.e., crisis prevention).  Each therapist is a Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) or is currently working towards obtaining this credential.  Some of our therapists are also Illinois Early Intervention Developmental Therapists.  

Therapy Thought for the Week

Yes, it's true that professionals have had a lot of specialized education and should be well-informed about what they do.  But, do not forget that you are the expert on your child.  In our resources section we have specific things to look for and questions to ask potential providers!

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Parents Should Interview Providers

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