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Arrival Routine

Each day the children have the opportunity to practice their self-help and adaptive skills during an arrival routine.  Each child will be assigned a cubby where they will practice skills such as taking off and hanging up a coat as well as emptying a backpack. Children will also utilize an individualized activity schedule that will outline the activities for the day as well as assist them in navigating the clinic.


Group Circle

Each day, children will have the opportunity to participate in a group circle-time where skills such as social engagement, communication, imitation, play, and pre-academics will de targeted. Goals for each child will be set after a comprehensive assessment is conducted to ensure developmental appropriateness.


Enrollment sizes are kept small so that children are more easily able to focus during these group interactions as these group interactions are often the first group interactions that the child is experiencing due to their age. 

Group Motor

Each day, children will have the opportunity to engage in movement activities that help to support regulation, strength, balance, and motivation. Proprioceptive and vestibular inputs will be available and sensory diets can be incorporated easily when prescribed by an occupational therapist. This setting also allows for opportunities for social engagement.

Group Snack

Families are asked to send in a small snack so that children have the opportunity to work on independence within meal time routines (i.e., using a fork/spoon, drinking from an open cup, opening containers, hand washing, etc). Snack also provides many opportunities for language.

1:1 Structured Teaching

Prior to participating in our center model, each child will be thoroughly assessed so that treatment goals can be individualized for the child and family. For goals that require a more structured teaching approach, children will have access to individual treatment room that are free of distraction. Difficult skills will be taught in a 1:1 setting to ensure success and quick acquisition. Skills will then be quickly generalized into more natural play schemes (NET) before they are then generalized into a group setting with peers.

Generalization/Natural Environment Training

Each day, children will have an opportunity to engage in natural environment teaching, meaning that children will be provided with an opportunity to engage in the toys and activities of their choosing. Because play is critical for cognitive, fine motor, language, and social development, play is a large focus for each of our children that attend our center. Our center offers access to hundreds of toys and activities to ensure optimal motivation and engagement.

Rotating Group Activity

Each day at the center, children will participate in a group activity. Rotating activities include group motor, group art, group sensory, and group music. Social engagement, language, fine and gross motor, imitation, and cognitive skills are targeted within these frameworks. 

Closing Circle and Departure Routine

At the end of the day, children will participate in a closing circle where they will say goodbye to their friends!

During the departure routine, children will learn to pack up their belongings and put on their coats before they are picked up by their families.

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