Autism Services at ASPB Therapy Pathways and Wellspring Clinical Associates

A Comprehensive Program of Excellence

ASPB Therapy Pathways together with Wellspring Clinical Associates come together as a team of highly respected autism professionals to meet the comprehensive needs of individuals and their families. We provide a wide array of services by an expert team of psychiatrists, BCBA’s, counselors, social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists.  We also work with an adjunct advisory board including Dr. Dana Brazunias Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, former Division Head of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at Lurie Childrens and Northwestern University. 

Our physicians not only provide medication management but take the time to support and understand each individual’s needs. They also offer autism medical diagnostics for children in early intervention. Our behavior analysts are highly trained in autism and child development, in addition to ABA principles, which allows them to develop programs based upon the unique needs of each individual client and family. Our occupational and speech therapists work within the structure of an interdisciplinary team with other treating clinicians, in order to collaboratively prioritize and implement goals for our clients.  Our counselors and psychologists have extensive experience and training in autism, social thinking, cognitive behavior therapy and other forms of evidence based treatment for children, adults, and family members. Our entire team cares deeply about making a difference for each individual and family that we serve. We have come together to offer one of the best and most comprehensive programs serving people with autism in Illinois. We look forward to meeting you and your family!



Wellspring Clinical Associates psychiatrists specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorder and are board certified in Child, Adolescent and Adult (general) Psychiatry. They treat children, adolescents and adults and have a range of interests and specializations in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders, ADHD, oppositional disorders, autism, and trauma spectrum illnesses. Most people with autism have other disorders in additions to just autism which they can also treat.
Wellspring psychiatrists employ tailored medication interventions as they are indicated, and in collaboration with their clients and their other care providers. They attempt to integrate sessions with family involvement, and often work in cognitive and behavioral recommendations that complement and support any therapy their clients receive. They embrace multiple facets of integration in the service of their patients.  Additionally, they include integration of various domains of the person, as well as integration of the person with his or her community. Their practice focuses on taking the time to know and understand each clients unique needs and personality in order to best serve them. 



Wellspring counselors have extensive experience and training in autism spectrum disorders. They treat children, adolescents, adults and parents. They work hard to get to know each individual and what autism means to that person since autism presents so differently in each child, adolescent and adult. Respect and empathy are always employed at the forefront of each relationship and our therapists use a variety of strategies including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and social thinking to name a few. Additionally our therapists offer counseling for parents to help them understand how autism uniquely impacts their child or adult child. This helps parents to interact and communicate in the most effective and positive way.


early intervention medical diagnostic assessments

In collaboration with the Illinois early intervention program we work with service coordinators and families to provide a comprehensive assessment designed to determine each child's individual areas of strength and need, in addition to the etiology of presenting concerns.  This information facilitates creating an individualized treatment plan to target each learner's unique needs.  In addition to an assessment of the child, each evaluation concludes with individual treatment planning and discussion regarding beneficial supports for the child and family.


applied behavior analysis

ABA therapy is an evidence-based science that is frequently used to teach social, cognitive, adaptive, and communicative skills to children on the autism spectrum.  It requires developing a relationship with each individual learner, and using stimuli that are uniquely reinforcing for each individual, in order to facilitate skill acquisition.  It can also be utilized to facilitate a reduction in behaviors that can result in danger or potentially harmful situations. High quality ABA should focus on developmental milestones, generalization of skills, and treating each client as a unique individual.


speech therapy

"At its core, communication is a social process. The social communication issues experienced by individuals with ASD also affect their communication partners. Family members, friends, teachers, and coworkers face the challenge of learning to recognize and respond to subtle bids for communication and to interpret the communication functions of challenging behaviors.

Individuals with ASD report a desire to have friendships and relationships, despite their social communication challenges. However, peers often feel ineffective in social exchanges with an individual with ASD and may avoid that person or react to social overtures in a negative way (e.g., by teasing or bullying). This lack of appropriate engagement and bullying can have a negative impact on the development of social skills."  Individual and group speech therapy can help to facilitate communication in addition to developing language and overall sound production.


Occupational therapy

The role of the occupational therapy practitioner includes providing direct services, consulting and collaborating with others (including family members, educators, employers, or health
team members), and advocating for modifications and accommodations that
support community inclusion" ( An occupational therapist is trained in fine motor development, in addition to everyday "occupations" or activities of daily living.  When relating this to children, one of the primary occupations for kids is play, therefore they are uniquely equipped to facilitate play and adaptive functioning.  They also have additional training related to the sensory system and how individuals unique use their senses to receive and interpret information within their environment.



We provide parent support groups, sibling groups, and other related social and interest groups for individuals on the autism spectrum.


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