ASPB Proudly Uses a Best Practices Model of an Interdisciplinary Approach

Interdisciplinary verses Multidisciplinary Models

An interdisciplinary approach is widely used in the medical field for patient care.  It is a structure that relies on integrating the knowledge from all disciplines in order to facilitate the best outcomes for the shared patient.  In contrast, a multidisciplinary approach focuses on clinicians from different specialities working together, with a lesser emphasis on sharing knowledge. How we implement this model:

  • Goal setting as a team at the onset of therapy and every six months

  • Regular meetings with all directors from associated domains to discuss individual clients progress

  • Acquisition goals are worked on across settings to promote a faster rate of acquisition and generalization

  • Regular staff trainings, from rotating disciplines, to promote global knowledge for all clinicians

  • Parents are provided with a uniform report that is comprehensive across all domains

  • Regular consultations across disciplines, so that disciplines can observe other therapies and collaborate 

  • Swift problem solving and discussion across domains when concerns arise