"If they can't learn the way we teach, maybe we teach the way they learn" -Ignacio Estrada
In-Home Applied Behavior Analysis


We provide individualized ABA therapy that focuses on each learner's individual strengths, areas of need, and family concerns.   Objective assessments are conducted and all goals are measured and analyzed routinely to assess progress.  Programming focuses on the learner's developmental need while teaching additional skills that are subsequently generalized into the natural environment.  We focus on a combination of discrete trial and natural environment training through play and real life situations.  It is important that families are also involved in the therapy process, as we are a team, all supporting and communicating together.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention - Center Based Program

Our center based program follows the same principles of our in-home ABA, in that it is individualized and developmentally focused.  The difference with this program is that it is structured in our clinic where we have the opportunity to practice outside of the home environment, and there is the opportunity to practice social-emotional goals with peers.  Our center includes a motor room to practice gross motor play, a group room to engage in music and movement activities, and a kitchen to practice feeding and self-help skills.  We follow the principles of early intensive behavioral intervention therefore this program is structured for our younger children with the goal of 20 hours of developmentally focused ABA therapy per week. 

Early Intervention

We provide family-focused developmental and behavior therapy service through the Illinois early intervention program.  We specifically contract with DuPage, Will, and Kane-Kendall Child and Family Connections. 

Parent Education and Support Groups


Families participating in our EIBI program are invited to participate in our monthly parent education and support groups.  This group is designed so that families can connect with others in similar circumstances.  If you are not currently enrolled in our program but are interested in attending this group, please contact us.​

Addendum Services Included with Programming

•   Parent Education and Training

•   Social Skills Groups/Dyads

•   Comprehensive Assessment

•   Feeding Support

•   Toilet Training Support

•   Family Counseling

•   IEP Support

•   Insurance Dispute Resolution

•   Professional Consultation

•   Functional Analysis of Challenging Behavior

•   Verbal Behavior Methodology